Thursday, 18 May 2017

Tour Corsica

Tailor made tours and multicentre holidays are very popular for those looking for a different style of holiday and to explore their holiday destination.

With Corsica being a very diverse island, Tour Corsica enables you to stay in more than one location and explore the stunning coastline and the dramatic mountainous interior.

Below are some ideas for multicentre holidays which can be tailor made to your requirements as there are many potential combinations to tour this beautiful island…

Romantic Tour
Corsica is an ideal destination to escape to with your loved one, named ‘The Most Beautiful’ by the Greeks, where better to spend a romantic holiday?
Prices for 7 nights from £1401pp

Wine Tour
Each region of the island has a selection of vineyards producing a wide variety of wines including reds, whites, roses, Muscat and fortified wines.
Prices for 14 nights from £1973pp

Gastronomy Tour
Much of the traditional cuisine is based on meats, especially veal, pork and, in the spring, lamb and also wild boar which is invariably cooked as a casserole with vegetables that grow aplenty on the island.
Prices from 1307pp

Luxury & Spa Tour
This tour provides a unique opportunity to be pampered in some of the most beautiful locations on the island.
Prices for 7 nights from £1742pp

Beach Tours
This enchanting Mediterranean island has some of the cleanest, clearest waters in the world. You will never be too far from a beautiful coastline and the crystal clear, turquoise waters that envelop the island.
Prices for 7 nights from £1185pp

Coast & Country Tour
With its sensational bays, transparent waters edged with golden white sand, majestic mountains and verdant hillsides scented by the herbs of the maquis, combine the coast and countryside for the complete Corsican experience.
Prices for 7 nights from £747pp

Prices include accommodation and car hire but excludes flights.

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